CEA Chinese Language School Calendar

CEA Chinese Language School Calendar


CEA Chinese Language School (Maple Ridge) Campus

The “CEA Chinese Language School” was founded in 2000. as a way to enhance the mutual cultural understanding between the Chinese people and other countries, promote economic trade cooperation, as well as scientific, technological and cultural exchanges between them. Each instructor has extensive teaching experience and holds a bachelor’s or master degree in Chinese from the Chinese department of a teacher’s college or university in China. The faculty is a member of the B.C. Heritage Language Association.

  1. 创校於20001, 教师均为中港台师范院校中文系毕业的学士, 硕士具有丰富的教学经验,专业师资系BC省传统语言协会会员
  2. 采用简、繁体字,汉语拼音以及中西结合式的严谨教学方法

招收对象为各个族裔的幼儿园、小学、中学至高中、大学 (HSK)的学生以程度编班,小班教学

  1. 中文省考班、汉语写作 (文章) AP学生中文班
  2. 汉语普通话及广东话会话 ,儿童青少年及成人班 ( Tuesday and Thursday at night)


上课时间:每星期六 (Only Saturday)上午: 10:00-12:00am &下午: 1:00-3:00pm

  • Qualifications: Kindergarten – Grade 1-12 Students
  • 招收:学前小班至1年级-12年级学生
  • Textbooks: Chinese distributed by the 12 volumes teaching simplified

                      Chinese characters and the Mandarin pinyin phonetic system



Mandarin Course for Non-heritage Speakers Adults

(18 Years old and above) Level 1-2


Date/Time           Starting date                      No. of sessions            No.




 Jan 4-Mar 7    8 30027   


   Apr 11-May 30    8 40028   


Apr 13-Jun1



Business Mandarin Course L2



Mandarin Course (Level 1) The course is designed for individuals who would like to learn Mandarin Chinese as a second language. The course emphasizes communication-oriented scenarios and features. modern and interactive teaching styles as well as simple and easy-to –learn course material. The course is divided into 15 modules which concentrate on teaching the student will also be introduced to the simplified version of Chinese characters as well as Hanyu Pinyin phonetics system which enables students to pronounce Chinese words correctly.

Business Mandarin Course (Level 2) The Business Mandarin course is designed for today’s professional business person. The course features work-related scenarios to familiarize and expand the student’s vocabulary in order to communicate with their Chinese counterparts. The course will also introduce students to Chinese business etiquette. Prerequisite: Level 1 or ability to speak mandarin at an introductory level.


2017 Spring Semester School Calendar
February – June 2017

Mandarin Program 国语课程


Registration Times:

Spring Term (Feb. – June): Jan.

Fall Term (Sep. – Jan.): June.

2 Hours Each Session

(Only Saturday 10:00am-12:00am & 1:00am-3:00pm)


  Date Week Note
Feb. 2017 18 1 First day of Spring semester
二月 25 2  

Mar. 2017


4 3  
11      No School 春假  Spring Break
18       No School 春假  Spring Break
25      No School春假  Spring Break



1 4  
8 5  
15 No School No School
22 6  
29 7 Mid-Term Test 期中考试



6 8  
13 9  
20 No School Victoria Day
27 10  



3 11  
10 12
17 13
24 14 Final Test 期末考试

Last Day of Spring semester第二学期结束


Add: Location: Riverside Center, 20575 Thorne Ave. Maple Ridge

Schoolmaster Mary Guo Tel: 604.724.9388 & 604.466.6555 (RMC)

Email:cea_mary@hotmail.com & info@ceacanada.ca