Executive Summary

CEA, China Education Association (Canada) was founded in January 2000 in Canada as a non-profit international organization. It consists of well-known Canadian teachers, educators and ambassadors who aim at promoting the educational and cultural exchange between China and Canada.

  • Objectives

The objectives of CEA is to promote the educational exchange in China and Canada, recommend talented Canadian educators to China, and facilitate efforts of cooperation among universities in both countries, making China in alignment with international educational standards. Meanwhile, CEA also organize the translation of the standard teaching and pedagogical books written by well-known Canadian educators into Chinese, contributing to the substantive revolution of Chinese educational systems.

  • Services

CEA is committed to promoting the communications between China and Canada in the field of Education. It provides the following services:

  1. Recruit and recommend English teachers from Canada to China;
  2. Organize international conferences, seminars and fairs on the theme of Canadian and Chinese Education;
  3. Publish magazines, books, reports, collaborative translations and other publishment on North American education and cultures;
  4. Build sister universities between Chinese and Canadian schools, colleges and universities;
  5. Organize exchange visit and study among educators, international students, scholars in both countries;
  6. Collaborate to develop ESL pedagogy and text books;
  7. Conduct academic research collaboratively on educational theories and practices
  8. Promote the exchange visit of Canadian and Chinese officials, the understanding of both educational systems, and broader cooperation

Coming Event

Since its establishment, CEA has built up sustainable relationships with various local school boards, Normal Universities, Post-secondary universities and research institutions in both China and Canada and develop projects of exchanging teachers for studying and conducting educational practices. Meanwhile, CEA has helped build bilingual high schools that are recognized in both countries and thus promote the educational exchange and mutual development for all.

We are dedicated to introducing the successful examples of Canadian pedagogical practices and experiences, especially at elementary and secondary school levels, to China, and help China to comply with the international educational standards. To achieve this goal, CEA has worked with the China Scholarship Council, and organized relevant educational lectures and international seminars. Those seminars discussed the issues of the educational revolution and renovations in China, improving teaching in schools, the key elements to succeed in educational renovation and strength, how to harness renovation, increasing productivity, optimizing school organizations and supporting student fulfillments, the crucial role of government taking in educational industry, and the in-class pedagogies to improve students’ overall learning capabilities etc.