Summer Program

1. Silk Road Tour 15 Days

3. 10 days Best of China Tour

2. Mystery of Tibet 13 Days
1. Silk Road Tour 15 Days Four star hotel with full American breakfast Meals as indicated Professional English speaking tour guide

DAY 1 Canada – Beijing
Fly to Beijing on deluxe wide-bodied jet plane, cross the International Date Line.DAY 2 Arrival in Beijing
Arrival in Beijing, Tour guide meet you at airport, then transfer to hotel. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

DAY 3 Beijing – Urumqi (B/L/D)
Leave Beijing for Urumqi in the morning, sightseeing the City Museum to view the incredible mummies from over 2,000 years ago. Visit the Redhill Park and the Bazaar, which is believed to be the largest outdoor market. A roast lamb dinner banquet will be served in the evening. Haide Hotel – 5 Star or Similar

DAY 4 Urumqi (B/L/D)
In the morning, take a cruise on Lake of Heaven, which is at an elevation of 6,435 feet above sea level. It is a beautiful highland lake, flanked by rugged pines and cypresses, and with clear waters that reflect the surrounding mountains. In winter, it provides an ideal alpine skating rink. Afterwards visit the Hill of Heaven Grassland and Nanshan Grassland. Haide Hotel – 5 Star or Similar

DAY 5 Urumqi – Turpan (B/L/D)
After breakfast, take motor coach to Turpan, a Uighur town set in a large oasis surrounded by desert and dry mountains. Upon arrival visit the mysterious Gaochang Ruins, which reveals traces of a prosperous ancient trading center and military stronghold. You will have an opportunity to sightsee the Flaming Mountains and Karez Underground Irrigation Channels. Enjoy Minority Singing and Dancing Show. Turpan Grand Hotel

DAY 6 Turpan – Liuyuan (Dunhuang) (B/L/D)
Turpan is famous throughout China for its big and sweet grapes. The visit to the Grape Valley and the homes of Uighur farmers is an extraordinary experience. Visit the Jiaohe Ruins, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. Travel to Dunhuang via Liuyuan by overnight soft-sleeper train. Train – soft sleeper

DAY 7 Dunhuang (B/L/D)
During the Han and Tang dynasties, Dunhuang was a major point of interchange between China and the outside world a stopping-off post for both incoming and outgoing trading caravans. Upon arrival sightseeing the Singing Sand Mountains, Crescent Moon Lake, visit the Yang Pass. Dunhuang 4 Star or Similar

Day 8 Dunhuang (B/L/D)
Sightsee the White Horse Pagoda, and then visit the Mogao Caves the World Art Treasure House. It is the world’s most important sites of ancient Buddhist culture. The grottoes, also known as Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, preserve nearly a thousand years of Buddhist cave-temple architecture, clay sculpture, mural paintings, and manuscripts, dating from the 5th to the 14th centuries. The Mogao Grottoes are carved into desert cliffs overlooking a river valley about 25 km southwest of Dunhuang. The caves vary enormously in size, from tiny single-room cells that served as living quarters for individual monks to huge, cavernous worship halls housing monumental sculptures and mural cycles. The caves honeycomb a 1,600-meter-long cliff face running north and south, and contain some 2,000 clay sculptures and more than 45,000 square meters (484,000 sq. ft) of mural paintings. Dunhuang 4 Star or Similar

Day 9 Dunhuang – Jiayuguan – Lanzhou (B/L/D)
Take a coach to Jiayuguan in the morning, which was considered both the western tip of the Great Wall and the western boundary of the empire. Sightseeing the Jiayuguan Fort and the Overhanging Great Wall. Take soft-sleeper overnight train to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province. Train – soft sleeper

Day 10 Lanzhou (B/L/D)
Arrive Lanzhou in the morning, tour to the Baitashan (White Pagoda Mountain) and Zhongshan Iron Bridge the first bridge on the Yellow River, and the Wuquan Shan Mountain. Enjoy the well-known local hand made beef noodle. Feitian Grand Htl. 4 Star or Similar

Day 11 Lanzhou (B/L/D)
Visit the museum, tour to the Liujia Gorge, and then take boat to Yongjing County to visit the Bingling Grottoes. Bingling is a Tibetan term meaning “ten thousand Buddha”. Now about 183 caves with 694 stone sculptures, 82 clay figures and 900 square meters of murals have been preserved. The statues are all with different postures and facial expressions. Feitian Grand Htl. 4 Star or Similar

Day 12 Lanzhou – Xi’an – Mt. Huashan (B/L/D)
Fly to Xi’an, the city where eleven dynasties in the history once took as the capital. Transfer to Mt. Huashan after arrival. Jinrong Hotel – 3 Star or Similar

Day 13 Mt. Huashan – Xi’an (B/L/D)
Mt Hua is well known as high and precipitous amount all the mountains in China. It’s been famous for thousand of years for it’s unique trees, stones of strange shapes, the sea of clouds, springs and waterfalls. Enjoy the Dumpling Banquet and Tang Dynasty show after heading back to Xi’an. Tangcheng Hotel – 4 star

Day 14 Xi’an – Beijing(B)
Sightseeing the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, this is recognized by UNESCO as the eighth wonder of the world, then fly to Beijing in the evening. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

Day 15 Beijing – Canada
Transfer to the airport, home your sweet home.


2. Mystery of Tibet 13 Days Four star hotel with full American breakfast Meals as indicated Professional English speaking tour guide

DAY 1 Canada – Beijing
Fly to Beijing, the capital city of China on deluxe wide-bodied jet plane, cross the International Date Line.DAY 2 Arrive in Beijing
Arrive Beijing late afternoon, tour guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. Beijing is not only the modern political, cultural and educational center of China, but holds the biggest collection of ancient sites and relics in the nation. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

DAY 3 Beijing – Lhasa (B/L/D)
Take a morning flight to Lhasa — the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region since the 7th Century and is both political and religious heart of Tibet. Although Lhasa is famous for being one of the highest cities in the world, what really knocks you out here is the full scale impact on your senses of the breathtaking beauty, unique landscape and the holy atmosphere of this religious center. Lhasa Hotel – 4 star

DAY 4 Lhasa(B/L/D)
In the morning sightsee the Potala Palace, the home of the Dalai Lamas, the traditional theological rulers and Buddhism’s highest ranking priests of Tibet. It was the former political heart of Tibet and contains unimaginable treasures. Then visit the Lhasa’s holiest temple — Jokhang Temple, the religious center of Tibet. This 1300 year old temple houses a pure gold Buddha statue that was a gift from the Tang Dynasty of China. Sightseeing the Barkhor Market, which is the religious and social focus of Lhasa. Today it is a big free market where you can get a typical Tibetan souvenir here at a good price. Lhasa Hotel – 4 star

DAY 5 Lhasa – Gyantse (B/L/D)
Take motorcoach to Gyantse in the early morning, on the way you will see the beautiful Lake Yamdrok-tso, one of the four holy lakes of the Tibetan people, together with the numerous snow-capped peaks around, the lake makes a wonderful scene. Upon arrival visit the Pelkor Chode Monastery, a huge temple with a unique history and a wealth of Buddhist art. It is famous for its Kumbum, a stupa-like structure that houses thousands of Buddha images, golden statues and colorful wall murals. The Gyantse Kumbum is one of the Tibet’s most famous and impressive sights — a gorgeous and ornate building, the art work here is studied by Tibetan art scholars across the world. It was called the “Hall of 100 thousand images”. The Dzong (old fort), which towers above Gyantse, offers a fine view over the valley. Gyantse Hotel – 3 star

DAY 6 Gyantse – Shigatse (B/L/D)
Motor coach to Shigatse, visit the Shalu Monastery. The building here is a mixture of Tibetan and Han style architecture. The Tibetan style part of the building dates back to the 10th Century and the Chinese influence is evident in the inner section of the monastery and has undergone major renovations in recent years. Wutse Hotel – 3 star

DAY 7 Shigatse – Lhasa (B/L/D)
Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery – the official seat of Panchen Lama, the chief spiritual and temporal authority of Tsang. It is the biggest Gelugpa monastery in the Tsang region of Tibet. The most amazing image here is the statue of the giant Maitreya(Future Buddha), it is the biggest bronze statue in the world and one of the key relics to be preserved by the central government. Then take coach back to Lhasa in the afternoon. Lhasa Hotel – 4 star

Day 8 Lhasa – Basum Lake – Nyingchi (B/L/D)
After breakfast take motorcoach to Nyingchi. With green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, Nyingchi looks just like heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Sightseeing the Basum Lake. The blue, limpid lake water and the verdant mountain around the lake combine into a charming scene that can be compared with those in Switzerland. Linch Hotel – 3 star

Day 9 Nyingchi – Lhasa (B/L/D)
Different from other places of Tibet, Nyingchi possesses rich soil and resources because of the warm, damp climate. Though surrounded by snow mountains, Nyingchi is a verdant world and the third largest forest zone in China. Sightseeing the Burqug Lamaling Monastery of the Red Sect. The monastery was built with wood, curving eaves and brilliantly painted beams, combining the different artistic styles of the Han and Tibetan peoples.Lhasa Hotel – 4 star

Day 10 Lhasa (B/L/D)
Visit the Drepung Monastery in the morning, a collection of Buddhist chapels and colleges. The Norbulingka is the Summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas and deserves a visit both for its historical and cultural significance. More than just a simple summer retreat, this is the headquarters from which the Dalai Lamas ruled Tibet during the summer months. Then visit the Sera Monastery. It is here that the monks’ famous daily debates take place. Lhasa Hotel – 4 star

Day 11 Lhasa – Tsedang (B/L/D)
Motorcoach to Tsedang after breakfast, upon arrival visit the Yumbulagang, the oldest chateau in Tibet, it remains an impressive and imposing sight overlooking the valley from the top of a steep hill. Then tour to the Tradruk Temple, one of the earliest Buddhist Temples in Tibetan history. It contains the precious relics the Pear Tangkha, which, 2 meters in length, 1.2 meters in breadth, is made of 29026 pears and different precious stone by Naidong during the reign of Pamodrupa Kingdom. Tsedang Hotel

Day 12 Tsedang – Lhasa – Beijing (B/L/D)
In the morning tour to the Samye Monastery — Tibet’s first monastery and is over 1200 years old. The Monastery is designed to represent the Buddhist belief of the shape of the universe. The imposing central building, a three story Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan style building represents the Buddhist center of Mt. Sumeru. The establishment of Samye Monastery marked the victory of Tibetan Buddhism over the original Bon belief. Back to Lhasa by motorcoach, and then fly back to Beijing in the afternoon. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

Day 13 Beijing – Canada (B)
Tour guide will transfer you to the airport and home your sweet home.


3. 10 days Best of China Tour Four star hotel with full American breakfast Meals as indicated Professional English speaking tour guideDAY 1 Canada – Beijing
Deluxe flight to Beijing, cross the International Date Line.

DAY 2 /Beijing
Arrive in Beijing in late afternoon and met by CTS tour guide. Then you will be transferred to the hotel. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

DAY 3 Beijing (B/L/D)
Beijing, the capital of China, served as the capital of 5 dynasties over a period of 800 years with each emperor identified as a dragon sent from the heaven. Start your city tour with a visit to the Forbidden City. This complex, the largest and most intact conglomeration of ancient structures of the imperial palace ever built in the world, features more than 800 buildings with 9999 rooms, resplendent golden-glazed roofs, red lacquered pillars and vermilion walls. Next stop is the Temple of Heaven, where the emperors used to pray for good harvest. You will also sightsee the Tiananmen Square, the largest square in the world. Tonight’s special dinner gives you a real taste of the Peking duck. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

DAY 4 Beijing (B/L/D)
The highlight today is a trip to the astonishing Great Wall of China, one of the two man-made structures on Earth that can be observed from the moon. Later visit the Sacred Path of Ming Tombs and the Cloisonn Factory. You will attend an acrobatic show in the evening. King Wing Hotel – 5 star

DAY 5 Beijing – Xian (B/L/D)
Fly to Xian, the city where eleven dynasties in the history once took as the capital. Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Ancient City Walls and Gates, enjoy the Dumpling Banquet dinner in the evening. Tangcheng Hotel – 4 star

DAY 6 Xian (B/L/D)
Sightseeing the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, it is recognized by UNESCO as the eighth wonder of the world. Then visit the 8000-year-old Neolithic Site at Banpo, Enjoy the Tang Dynasty show in the evening. Tangcheng Hotel – 4 star

DAY 7 Xian – Guilin (B/L/D)
Fly to Guilin, the city which is hailed by many as the most beautiful place in China and is one of the must-see destinations for most foreign tourists. According to a popular Chinese saying, “Guilin’s scenery bests all others in the world.” Its shapely-rising limestone towers and crystal-clear waters are often portrayed in Chinese artworks. Adding to its natural beauty are many fascinating caves. Sightseeing the Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave. The limestone karst formation in this area is extensively eroded underground and Reed Flute Cave is one of the finest examples of these caves. In the evening you will be treated with a Minority Dancing and Singing Show. Hangkong Hotel – 4 star

Day 8 Guilin (B/L/D)
Take a boat cruise trip from Guilin along the Lijiang River for one of the finest excursions on your tour of China. The journey downstream to Yangshuo offers 30 miles of breathtaking scenery. Hangkong Hotel – 4 star

Day 9 Guilin – Shanghai (B/L/D)
In the morning fly to Shanghai, the largest commercial and financial center of China. Stroll the Bund (Wai Tan) waterfront area, a sweeping area along the Huangpu River, which became the center of Shanghai’s foreign business establishment and the symbol of Shanghai’s identity as a modern city. Here is a good place to capture the western influence of the old days. Enjoy the beautiful night view of Shanghai on Cruise along Huangpu River. Anting Hotel – 4 star

Day 10 Shanghai – Canada (B)
Transfer to airport, home your sweet home.